Dr.Feng(Jeff) Cao



Dr. Feng Cao, Founder and CEO of PCHAIN, is the first native multichain system in the world that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, which in turn will make large-scale blockchain applications possible. He is the inventor of the 1st International Blockchain patent in China, the Co-Founder of China Ledger, the Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Blockchain Application Committee in China Federation of Logistic and Purchasing (The 1st Gov Association in Industry), Senior Fellow of the China Blockchain Research Alliance, member of CFT50. He and his team successfully accomplished the 1st blockchain-based assets earning rights transfer in the world in September 2016, which is also the 1st Financial Blockchain Transaction in China. He was the head of the next generation of human computer wars in IBM (The first generation of man machine war was in 1997, the deep blue computer beat the world chess master and the second generation of man machine war was in 2011, Watson defeated the champion of human race in the dangerous edge intelligence program). He was the manager of Big Data Analytics department, the Chief Scientist of Internet Finance and the co-chair of the patent review board in IBM Research-China. My innovative achievements have been successfully adopted in China, the US and other 150 countries. I achieved IBM Global Technical Achievement Awards 3 times. I published 22 papers in ACM/IEEE top conference and 30+ international patents. Over the years, he has led the team to the research and development of Fintech, Watson-Debating Technology, Medical wisdom and other projects, which had been successfully deployed in more than 150 countries and regions, such as mainland, Taiwan, Korea, Europe, Africa, and the United States

Main achievements

He has won three IBM global technical excellence awards.
He was nominated by the Wall Street journal for best innovation in Asia in 2010, including 300 projects.
He presented his project at CeBIT, the world's largest and most advanced business technology summit in Hanover, Germany, and was reported by many media organizations such as PR Newswire, Healthcare IT News and W3C. He presented the project at major international conferences such as HIMSS in Asia, MIE 2011 in Norway, MIE2012 in Italy and IOD in the United States.
His project was included in the IBM centennial global reference case, which was presented in 15 countries around the world.
He led the team to obtain three global reference cases of IBM smart earth and one reference case of IBM annual report.
He published 22 top international conference papers and get a number of the United States patent, single papers were cited 340 times, and was a world-class academic authority member of the ACM and IEEE Anil k. Jain in his paper "Beyond K - Means: Data Clustering 50 Years (Data Clustering: 50 Years Beyond K - Means)" in the reference.
President of the International Conference
¬ Medinfo 2013 Session Chairman ( top)
¬ VLDB Summer School Industry Chairman ( top)
¬ IBM President of Global Medical Information Day ( top)
¬ ADMA Medical Information Chair
¬ IEEE ISWC Demo session Chairman (top)
International Conference and periodical Reviewers
¬ ACM transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data ( top-level )
¬ IEEE ICDE 2009 ( top-level )
¬ CIKM 2008 ( level two)
other keynote speeches and round-table discussions
¬ GMIC Mobile Finance Summit 2015
¬ China Big Data Exchange Summit Forum 2015
¬ IEEE IPDPS 2012( top-level )
¬ Battle of the Quants 2014
¬ Battle of the Quants 2013
¬ DAMA 2013
¬ Cloud Computing & Big Data Research Center Opening 2013 in ECNU
He wrote the “Practice of Smart Cities” (published by electronic industry press)

Work experience
PCHAIN (2018-present)
Founder and CEO
¬ PCHIAN is the first native multichain system in the world that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, which in turn will make large-scale blockchain applications possible.
WANCHAIN(wanchain.cn) (2017-2018.1)
Co-Founder and CEO
¬ WANCHAIN is the first company which witness and promote the development of the blockchain industry in China.
FinChain (2016.2-2018.2)
Co-Founder, Vice Chairman Chief Scientist
¬ FinChain aims to build a global intelligent financial platform integrating digital asset issuance, transaction and management based on smart contracts.
IBM China research institute (2007-2016.1)
Manager of big data analysis department (2013-2016.1)
¬ Director of IBM's next generation man-machine war project in China (the first generation of man-machine war for deep blue computer beat the chess master in the world in 1997, the second generation man-machine war for 2011 Watson in the brink intelligence program to overcome human champion), responsible for system architecture and the core algorithm;
¬ Responsible for the implementation of strategic core projects;
¬ IBM future technology outlook 2015 Internet finance director, responsible for strategic planning;
¬ Big data credit risk analysis sub-strategy - responsible for project management, system architecture design and core algorithms;
– the leading mobile wallet service commercial bank in East Africa, helping to boost its profits by 20 percent
- unique patent hybrid feature extraction technology, which combines internal and external large-scale data to extract all-round, high-level and non-linear features of users
- continuous modeling capability based on SPARK
- balanced TPR and FPR based on multi-objective optimization
– Telecom big data analysis sub-strategy - responsible for project management, system architecture and core algorithms;
- Singtel/Optus, Singapore telecom
- Philippine telecom Smart
- A Chinese telecommunications company

Business intelligence and semantic search manager (2008-2013)
¬ responsible for the system architecture and core algorithms of IBM's next-generation man-machine war project in China;
¬ Contextual Enterprise strategy leader who is responsible for the execution of strategic core projects;
¬ law and regulation tracking system, WATSON's application in law;
¬ assistant to the President of the Chinese academy of sciences
¬ collaborative healthcare for individualized health management (global innovation project);
¬ The first intelligent medical project of IBM in Shanghai was cited in the quarterly report by D.C.Chien, general manager of IBM greater China, and was selected as IBM smart earth reference case 2012. It was reported by 14 media outlets.
¬ Knowledge-driven disease and care models (in-depth basic research projects), Watson's application in medicine;
¬ Bluemeinc. (TCV $3.7m);
¬ Organize IBM global medical information day 2012;
¬ Chief researcher of east China region of IBM intelligent medical treatment;
¬ Responsible for campus recruitment in east China region of China academy of sciences;
¬ Watson project development and promotion, "Watson was a great child on the North American television quiz show Jeopardy! Capturing tremendous ratings and drawing the world's attention to IBM's incredible research capabilities."
¬ Internet health project 2, presented at the IBM century academic symposium "Internet of things";
¬ South Korea Health adverse drug reaction knowledge management project, the world's largest commercial fair CeBIT trade show in Hanover, Germany project of science and technology, and by various media such as PR Newswire, Healthcare IT News, as well as the W3C reports; Selected as the global reference case of IBM centenary celebration, it was exhibited in 15 countries around the world. Selected in IBM intelligent earth reference case 2011;
¬ Medical and health record analysis and sharing project, which was nominated by the Wall Street journal as the best innovation in Asia in 2010, and 300 projects participated in the competition; Included in the reference case 2010, IBM's smarter planet "CHAS technology help us from each isolated medical system into a coordinate system of patient-centered" - guangdong hospital dean, in southern China's largest hospital;
¬ Taiwan intelligent life project, developing CDA (medical document framework) accelerator to Taiwan institute of industry and research (the first to support Continua PHMR standard);
¬ South Korea u-health knowledge management project on adverse drug reactions (TCV $22M), which will be displayed at the largest IBM expo of IOD 2010, HIMSS 2010 in Korea;
¬ Responsible for the business value creation sub-strategy of smart earth 2010;
2008 – 2009
¬ Semantic Data Access, published in IBM Integrated Information Core (IIC) 1.5 products;
¬ Baixiao project, China version of Watson project;
¬ Medical and health records analysis and sharing project, IBM 2009 annual report reference project;
¬ Member of the W3C RDB2RDF working group, participating in Chinese medical document standards;
Researcher (2007-2008)
Semantic master data management, IBM CEO milestone project, providing semantic view for master data management;
semantic object repository project, RDF data repository designed based on DB2.
Sybase - China (2006)
Software development engineer, Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5, responsible for SQL query processing.
Education experience
IBM emenden training center, project management, New York, December 2012
Fudan university, Ph.D., computer software and theory, paper title "data stream clustering algorithm", 2003-2006
Visiting students of national university of Singapore from October 2004 to March 2005
Huazhong university of science and technology, master, distributed information system, 2000-2003
Department of computer science and technology, Xi 'an Jiaotong university, 1996-2000
Part of the paper
1. Feng Cao, Yuan Ni, Weijia Shen, Wen Sun, Xiang Li, SPOCS : A Smart Point of Care System for Coordinated Chronic Disease Management, MedInfo 2013
2. Li Tian, Weinan Zhang, Antonis Bikakis, Haofen Wang, Yong Yu, Yuan Ni, Feng Cao, MeDetect: A LOD-based System for Collective Entity Annotation in Biomedicine, 2013 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence
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Part of the patent
System and Method to Support Runtime Model Extension in ORM System
Method and Device for Converting SPARQL Query into SQL Query
A system and method to support negative SPARQL query over virtual RDF store
A system and method for adverse drug effect management
Apparatus and Method to enable CDA templates for CDA Level 3 clinical documents construction
System and Method to automatically detect the variance of clinical pathway execution
A Materialized View Management System and Method to Scale up Classification and Dynamic
A Method and System to Answer the DESCRIBE Query for Linked Data Browsing of Relational
A system and method to support semantic queries over hybrid horizontal and vertical data
A system and method for Efficient RDF Query processing
A system and method to Assist User to Write SPARQL Query
A system and method for Automatically Constructing Semantic Queries Based on Domain Path
A unified system and method to support SPARQL queries in legacy systems
Method and System for Linked Open Data Generation and Publishing
A Method and Apparatus for self registration and automatic queuing for body check in self